Some people were asking about the correct way to add milk to tea, so here it is.


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dropbombsonit said: YES PRESSURE :>
also, as you are a tea expert, can you tell me whether oolong tea is meant to smell like weed or am i losing it?

Possibly, the problem is there are a great variety of oolong teas and they all smell different. So I’m afraid I can’t help you. Knowing you though it’s probably psychological ;)


Blackcurrant, Ginseng and Vanilla

Okay I know this one sounds odd but stay with me. Despite being weary of a combination of Fruit, herb and spice in one tea I decided to be adventurous and order this in a small restaurant. The first thing you notice with it is that it is an absolutely delightful colour, a sort of deep pink which is very aesthetically pleasing; as well as a deliciously fruity smell. The taste was also quite fruity with the blackcurrant coming through strongest giving it a bitter edge. In fact my main problem with this tea was that all I could really taste was the blackcurrant with a slight hint of ginseng coming through. The vanilla couldn’t be tasted at all. In fact the tea was overall too mild for my liking, however I suspect this could be due to too few teabags in too large a pot. Therefore overall a lovely tea however make sure to get the full flavour out before serving!


Jasmine Flowering Tea

A very popular tea in Japan this one and it’s not really surprising. This tea has a mild but deliciously sweet and (unsurprisingly) flowery taste to it. It is delicious and perfect to have on it’s own or after a meal. However the best thing about this tea isn’t its taste but the spectacular show you get with it. What happens is you place a dried Jasmine flower in hot water and as the tea hydrates the flower it not only absorbs the flavour into the water but also causes the flower to open in front of your eyes. Fantastic! 

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